Monday, September 21, 2009

the foyer of Amel's I really love this wallpaper.

The Kabob section of Amel's menu.

My tall baby boy in South Park at a party. The wall in the background is very old -- I have a picture of my dad sitting at this wall when he was 2. PS I dislike this shirt Sam has on -- but it is a Phineas and Ferb shirt -- his current fave cartoon.

fighting with "the man" -- over a grocery list. PS I also don't like his shirt -- it is a Beatles Shirt
this kills me -- the keys light up on the Mac Book Pro!
tres cool (this is on the Pub table BTW).

Sam's new lamp (he picked it for his bedroom -- Pier One Imports) for his Dojo (which I think is Chinese or Japanese for house?) LOL

This is the necklace Sam got me for my birthday! See the X's and O's so cute!

Sam's new Mac book Pro.

Our BBQ place -- nom nom.

My new serger sewing machine. I always wanted a serger.

Klimt print at Amels. I love this wallpaper btw!

Amel's lamps.

My baby ordering up at Amel's for my birthday!

My middle child -- Lily.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My babies -- Lily upside down and Monet right side up! This is one of their favorite places to lay -- by Sam's shoes! LOL

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